$50.00 USD

Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Masterclass: Working with Ayahuasca

Trauma-informed facilitation refers to the approach taken by the facilitator of an ayahuasca ceremony to ensure that the environment and the experiences of the participants are safe and supportive and that any potential triggers for trauma are minimized. This can involve providing adequate preparation and support for participants before and after the ceremony, as well as creating a safe and respectful space for the ceremony itself.

Our masterclass will share tips and tools on working with trauma with Ayahuasca, preparation and post-ceremony care useful protocols, and how to facilitate and lead in a trauma-sensitive approach that is attuned, compassionate and safe.

Joining Atira as a guest is Elio Geusa, the founder and director of AYA Healing Retreats.

What you'll get:

  • The 90 mins Live Zoom workshop recording.

  • The 90 mins audio recording to download.

  • Your PDF manual on trauma-informed tips and tools.

What People Are Saying:

Taking Atira's classes is a connecting journey of the mind, heart, and soul. Her caring empathy, sensitivity, and guiding leadership are only shadowed by her multifaceted and deep knowledge of trauma. With her guidance as an experienced teacher, I felt truly grateful for discovering and learning about new perspectives which will make me not only a better teacher in the future, but a more understanding and loving human being towards anyone I encounter. And all of that in a welcoming community of like minded, caring individuals. I wholeheartedly recommend Atira to anyone who desires to learn more about understanding and healing trauma, and the human experience as a whole."

Kai York, Hawaii, Photographer.

This course is a testament to Atira’s dedication, knowledge and wisdom in creating the safety needed, on multiple levels, for people to heal from trauma. Atira lays out a comprehensive therapeutic approach to working with plant medicine, utilizing the Somatic Experiencing model of trauma, at the intersection of western psychological and shamanic paradigms. She teaches with deep compassion and understanding, as well as fierce integrity; embodying what she teaches and holding the group strong, gently, and safely through the journey. Atira’s body of work is an asset to these times of integrating paradigms of healing and I highly recommend it to anyone working in this field."

Chloe McKeand, Psychotherapist, Australia