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Plant medicines and psychedelics can access the implicit memory of individuals, and often trigger both confusing emotions and psychological states. When these states are not held with trauma awareness and care, individuals can experience disorientation, increased anxiety, disassociation, intrusive flashbacks, and at times, short or long-term psychosis.

Our masterclass will share tips and tools on working with trauma with Bufo, certain contra-indications that facilitators need to be aware of, and how to facilitate and administer the medicine in a trauma-sensitive approach that is attuned, compassionate and safe.

Joining Atira is Stephan Kerby,  a Bufo facilitator, and coach integrating modern therapy and Bufo to help individuals with trauma, including working with war veterans. He also runs Wounded Healers Outreach, a mentorship and coaching program helping folks with severe trauma such as PTSD, depression, and anger management.

You'll receive: 

- Recording of our 90 mins Trauma-Informed Masterclass

- Your 35 page PDF slides on trauma-informed tips, tools, contra-indictions and integration support.


“I cannot recommend this training enough for anyone working in the plant medicine space; whether you are pouring medicine, a supporter/facilitator, a pre or post-ceremonial integration specialist, or even a student of the plants. I strongly feel that this training should be the basic foundational training (alongside 1st Aid) for all healers and support plant medicine staff. Atira is an excellent bridge and guides into the intersectional realms of plant medicine and trauma therapy.”


“This trauma-informed plant medicine facilitation course has put language and science to the most important aspects of my work in ways I never could. This training empowered me to create safer, more integrated, and more compassionate healing containers for myself, the healers I work with, and of course our participants. I now feel that anyone working to facilitate healing of any kind should be trauma-informed as a foundational part of their approach. In fact, as we face the mounting challenges of today’s world, I feel we can’t afford to be.” – Lara Charlotte, Co-Founder of Garden of Dreams, New Zealand.

Lara Charlotte